There are many kinds of forks

I moved to North Carolina three months ago (as of November 10!) with the full intention of continuing Follow Your Fork. When we moved into our sweet new home, I lamented at the lack of lighting and promised myself I would create the workspace necessary to continue with this blog to a standard I approve of.

But a few things happened along the way:

  1. I got a job.
    I’m now the digital content manager at a sustainable building materials company and the bulk of my work is social media management. I love my job and as it turns out, I’m excellent at the tactical aspects of social media and what it means to “do well” in this sphere.

    I manage several social media accounts, and one day I had to log out of Follow Your Fork in order to have the rest on my IG app. Well, I never logged back in. Because I haven’t wanted to.

  2. I stopped capturing and curating every moment for the consumption of the masses. And it feels good.
    As it turns out, I’m tired of curating my life. I worked so hard to build FYF to what it was in Rochester and it was invaluable. It gave me purpose, drive, and a means of creativity. But I started Follow Your Fork for reasons that no longer apply to me. Yes, I love food and cooking and food photography. I love people and I love building connections and teaching and sharing and community, but when I’m really honest with myself, that isn’t why I started Follow Your Fork.

I did it to be seen. I wanted people to see me and see what I was doing. That I was excited. And this kind of communion and desire for visibility? Perfectly fine. Absolutely okay. But now that I’m actually applying social media marketing to an industry instead of my own ego, it’s starting to click for me.

I’m in this place in life where I feel seen by the people that matter. I’ve made my life very small and intentional here in Durham and truthfully? I LOVE not knowing anyone. I love not being known for being a ‘foodie’ or making promises to people I don’t necessarily want to keep. I don’t feel like I need to earn or prove anything to anyone.

I don’t want to build a brand for myself, I want to cultivate my creative self. I really want to learn who I am, learn what I enjoy and enjoy creating for the sake of it, not just for how it will be received. 

I think I lost sight of that for a while.

So if you’re reading this (apparently there were 77 of you in October, don’t know where the heck y’all came from), Hi. I’m here still. Still following my fork, but I guess it’s the less literal kind now. Forks in the road, etc.

I’m dedicating myself to ritually messy, ugly, free-flowing creativity for a while. Maybe I’ll be posting here about food, maybe other things.

I just know that I paid for this digital space so I better use it.


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